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Bringing in the New Year with Mubadala

Bringing in the New Year with Mubadala

As the rest of us were all stuffing our faces with leftover turkey and Quality Street, our team in the Emirates were busily working away at The Mubadala World Tennis Championship. This is an invitational tournament that is a highlight in the UAE sporting calendar.

We returned to this event with a new client, Pico Plus, to provide high tech activities as well as ‘racket in hand’ options. With only a week to source, test and ship the technology to Abu Dhabi it was nail biting stuff, especially the week before Christmas.

The result was a virtual reality experience of a tennis game, allowing visitors to play against the machine. It got so competitive at one point that the game got broken…we won’t name names though…but the ball wasn’t on the line!

For the armchair participants we had PlayStations on hand and for the more active a ‘Perfect Placement’ challenge allowing participants to test their return of serve skills. You could also practise your accuracy skills with the ‘Winning Stroke’ – an activity where a Velcro wall caught the balls for you.

All the hard work put in by the team was worth the as the simulator was a huge success. Participants really felt that they were playing on a real court and the computerised crowds interacted with them whenever they made their play. It really was the centre piece of the area.

Right! On to the next one!